Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yet again getting carried away..........tried to look for a video to download but I found that I was looking up all sorts and catching up on clips from Britan's Got Talent. Not sure how You Tube could be used in a work sense, perhaps for how to do training purposes?


So far the only experience that I have had with Wikis was the Wiki running in advance of the LNSS course on designing information portals. I thought that this Wiki was a clever way of finding out the expectations of those attending the course. A Wiki could be useful for meetings, sharing thoughts on training, new resources etc, having said that I did try to set up a Wiki but I didn't get too far. I did look at some of the examples and I definitely would like to investigate Wikis more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Del.ici.ous and Technorati

Now to Del.ici.ous thing 11 and Technorati thing 12.......and its thing 23 next week!
I had been using Del.ici.ous and found it very useful to keep track of useful websites by tagging them. However that didn't last long and I resorted to using my favourites again to store websites not just once but sometimes two or three times. That has to stop now and it will be back to Del.ici.ous.
To be honest I did not like Technorati. I found it difficult to find out what it was about and the site isn't easy to navigate either. I did ping and then claim my blog?? but then lost interest and left it at that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Books & Web 2.0 Awards List.

Well, at this stage I think that I have contradicted myself with the title of my blog 'My Time' such thing! but I will do my best to catch up.
I quite liked Google Books which I had heard of but hadn't used before now. In a work sense, certainly useful if someone is looking for a book on a specfic topic where they might find actual full text or details of a recently published book. Now that I have discovered Google Books, I will use it more myself.
The Web 2.0 Awards list is overwhelming! but useful to know about...and again you could get carrried away. I had a quick look at the health and organization section just to say that I did actually make an effort and have a look! The Backpack site in the organization section looked interesting as a means of keeping track of and sharing information with your colleagues.
Next to tagging, and technorati...oh the pressure to keep up!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have just had a go on LibraryThing and I am really enjoying this. The best part is that you get recommendations for similar books which is a great idea and it may encourage me to start reading more. I could definitely get hooked on this.. Here is a selection of books in My Library

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flickr - Holiday Painting

Holiday Painting
Originally uploaded by LibbyLoo2009

Today, I am finally getting around to catching up on my 23 things...........I am so behind and I have just managed to upload a picture through Flickr. My picture is a painting of a village called Casares which is located in the Western Costa Del Sol Region. We were on holiday near Malaga last year and we didn't unfortunately visit this very pretty village but bought the painting at a seaside stall. I should say that my hubby haggeled expertly for the best price while I left him to it and watched from a safe distance! I have to say that while it was easy to create a flickr account, I found it tricky enough to use Flickr's blogging tool to post the picture to my blog. Then again that could just be me panicking and trying to rush through this exercise to move onto Library Thing, GoogleBooks,, Wikis.........

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Reader

Today, I added some feeds through Google Reader which was easy but I found that I got carried away with it all there is too much to choose from!